Black Friday thoughts

This morning I had some Black Friday thoughts…


Black Friday is considered one of the biggest shopping days for retailers (I hear it is second only to “Cyber Monday”). Some might not know the reason why it is called “Black Friday”. To put it generally, it is when most retailers’ ledgers go from red to black for the year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see people think it is better to have their own ledgers in the black this time of year, rather than putting theirs in the red to make retailers’ black. This is not a shot at the retailers, or saying that we should not spend money to help businesses. Lord knows I have been there myself (almost every year until this year), but this is just a thought. I don’t have much against “Black Friday” shopping, or anyone who does it to save money on stuff. But I know there are some who will go into a ridiculous amount of debt to buy all kinds of stuff in order to “save” on the awesome prices. Don’t get me wrong, because I’m not judging or anything. We have learned, over time, to stay within our means and budget and not take on any more new debt. Earlier this year my wife and I took this a step further and signed a written contract, which we display in our home, agreeing not take on any new debts and to hold each other accountable for it. In return, it seems that God has blessed us time and time again this year., when we least expected it.

I hope and pray those blessings for everyone else, too. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all were out of debt and didn’t need a dependence on credit, a failing government, and/or assistance from anyone other than God himself? May God give you all the blessings he has planned for you!

Jeff Kohnz

I am a Christian man with a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. I have been a mechanic (almost 14 years), a software developer since 2008, a visual artist (most of my life), and am constantly keeping myself busy doing something.


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