What I Create

What I Create

I wanted to take a moment to go over what I create, and don’t create, as an artist. It’s not that I don’t like to explore and try new things. I just know what I am, and am not, really good at.

I enjoy painting in acrylics mostly, whether on canvas, panels, boards, whatever. I have tried oils a few times, but didn’t really enjoy it as much. I also like working with wood, metal, and plastics, and plan on working in those mediums for sculpting soon. Sometimes I doodle and sketch, usually with pencils, but not with charcoals, pastels, or chalks.

As for what “type” of art I enjoy creating… Most of my paintings are abstracts or color-fields. What are those? Abstracts aren’t meant to look like or represent “real world” things. Color-fields are what it sounds like, really – paintings of just single, or a few, colors. I have done a few paintings of animals or sunsets, but it’s mostly abstracts. I don’t do portraits with paint. It’s just not something I enjoy, nor do I have the patience for the super-fine detail. I am highly critical of myself!

I do like to break out of the norm sometimes, so if you would like me to create a beautiful piece of art for you, please contact me, and we can discuss your ideas! The worst that could happen is that I say that I don’t feel I could do it to a level of quality that I strive to produce.

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