Worship Art

Worship art painted to provoke thoughts of Christ

I started painting this group of paintings back in March of 2008. The Worship and Creative Arts Pastor, at the time, knew I had an artistic talent. He asked me to paint during the worship service on Easter Sunday. I, being the introvert that I am, hesitated at first, but agreed, as I get nervous in front of people many times.

I hadn’t painted in several years, mostly due to a lack of time. So, a friend of mine helped me out by building a wooden structure with legs, approximately 8ft by 6 ft, then painted it flat black to start with. We then used a projector to project my rough sketch onto the panel so that I could get a head start on the painting. Mind you, I only had about 10-15 minutes to paint it.

From then on, I was asked to paint sometimes during worship service. The part that I enjoy the most is when, after I have left the stage, people are looking at it and it happens to be about what the pastor was going to be teaching about. I don’t do it to distract from the message by any means. But, to me, worship art provokes thoughts of their lives and what they’re hearing during the message. I wish I had videos of some of them. That would help explain things a bit.

All pieces are available for purchase, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to purchase a painting, please contact me, and we can discuss delivery, options, etc. Want to see what I’m up to right now? Check me out on Facebook.

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