“Get Real” with this new book from John Anderson.

This book is a must-have for any Christian (and non-Christian) bookworm’s library. I can just about guarantee you that

  1. you won’t be disappointed, and
  2. you will most likely want to read it again.

Got questions? “What does the Word say?” (as John said when speaking on this book in his recent message) is what you will see examples of again and again in this well-planned and outlined book. Take this truth to heart. John explains so many answers to the questions people have about God and what the Bible has to say about them in a REAL, easy to understand, way. “Get Real: Real answers for real people with real questions and real problems in the real world” is an excellent book from John Anderson, an elder at The River church in Kansas City, MO.

Want to hear about this book before you buy it? Check out this intro video on YouTube.

Jeff Kohnz

I am a Christian man with a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. I have been a mechanic (almost 14 years), a software developer since 2008, a visual artist (most of my life), and am constantly keeping myself busy doing something.

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