One of many more to come… Sea Theme #1: Caleb’s Sea Turtle

Tonight, I painted the first of many 1 ft. square panels for our son that is due to be born on October 16, 2011. My wife and I wanted to do an “Under the Sea” theme in his nursery. So, I started finding pictures online of various sea critters to get an idea of what I could do to contribute to this theme. My wife LOVES sea turtles, so that is where I chose to start out. I’m not one who always enjoys sitting down to do exquisite detail, so I decided to keep this to using simple colors and some minor detail and shading – just enough to get the picture, and yet still look good. More to come on these in the near future…

Sea Turtle

Jeff Kohnz

I am a Christian man with a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. I have been a mechanic (almost 14 years), a software developer since 2008, a visual artist (most of my life), and am constantly keeping myself busy doing something.

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  1. thats really nice. thanks

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